12/12/18 03:18
yeah we are advising our guys do the same. I work in IT... I know when multiple tickets for the same issue come in, it gets more attention.
12/12/18 03:54
Lmao Randy
12/12/18 06:09
Holy shit!! Hit everyone in the guild, so I am guessing all players. Went from 15 mill to 54. WTF?!?!
12/12/18 08:10
I say we place the blame squarely where it belongs. Right on don the dick sucking douche bag. I really hate him. lol
12/12/18 11:04
I've advised my guild mates to send tickets as well, with these ridiculous new wages they may as well have brought match bonus back.
12/12/18 11:56
The first night, it missed me. No such luck the second night, for 100% morale, over 55 million...and that's from 16 million. I guess you guys want us to buy more money?
12/12/18 12:22
it looks like they got me fixed. if you put in a ticket you might want to check the status. (and. check the finance building, to. confirm)
12/12/18 13:11
make sure you answer the ticket or put one in if you have not... if you paid the higher amout overnight they will give you your $ back but you have to put the ticket in...
12/12/18 15:58
Watch the AH players the new ones being added look ok but the ones that were around when this hit are still way high on salary,,, maybe they fix themselves when you buy.. maybe not... just thought i would point it out is all...

BTW jamming I know I said it before,, but thanks for posting this up.. Class Act as always !!
12/12/18 22:36
Per Randy, just wondering if anyone has picked up a player in the AH yet, while this glitch is still there, and wondering if it does reset. I know in my AH, no one is bidding.