A serious topic. Please chime in

16/07/17 00:00
There are a lot former players on my friend's list that don't play anymore. Just freaking lost 3 more in the past 48 hours. I am curious. So, when we become a high level, it can be frustrating. Life can be frustrating, lol, but that is why I passed on Leadership of the Coalition of Conquerors to Toptown. There is an inner psyche that you just have to do more, and teach.

Q ball, god bless him, and I used to talk about this. THEN, a new season starts, players retire, and part of you just screams, "I DON"T HAVE TIME FOR THIS BULLSHIT!!"

BUT!! The friendships I have made through here are priceless. So, I won't quit, even if my team is 90 years old, and they totally suck.

BUT!! Then the ego sets in. I am guilty. I always want to be the best and win. And that is where the frustration starts, lol.

Then you just want to quit. But it is not so much about the game. It is about the community of friendship. The laughs. We come here for fun.

That is waht is most important, and a lot of times, myself included, need to be reminded of that.

I appreciate the comradie, jokes and laugh. But not typing skills, lol.

And I babble a lot, lol. Why I am good at my job, lol.

But, don't let the game get you down. I will never forget, my daughter Amanda when she joined, and our Saturdays were special, she would sneak beer to me, Haha, I digress, but she said something important, and I get it now.

"This is the most testerone driven game I have ever seen!!"

Don't let it get you down. Enjoy. Have fun, Make friends.

How the hell do you spell testerone?
16/07/17 00:18
Testosterone lol I also get frustrated in the game but also know its just a game. This game requires a lot of time and attention so I don't blame anyone who doesn't have time. I have invested a lot of time into this game and will find it hard to walk away. I ,like you said have made many friends( including you ) in this game and that trumps me getting frustrated. I'm sorry your daughter left, she was a really good team. Yes I talk smack but it's all in good fun. Most of my guild are FB friends and that will last long after this game is done. It's also the first FB game that I'm one of the best (over 10,000 players) and I like that! Being in the top 50 is an accomplishment for any team playing looking at how many play and/or spend money
16/07/17 07:20
This game is a lot like other MMOs. The devs change things every month or so and what used to work well is not the answer anymore. The constant alterations help keep the game interesting, but are also a source of frustration. Without changing things their would only be the top teams, with no change, ever. As it is now teams move up, top teams move out, or quit. I would have to say that is part of the plan, as long as they can keep adding new players. And bringing in more money. Its funny how it has worked out. I would say the recent changes were geared to help the spenders, but they are the ones quitting (mostly). Maybe just a natural turn-over type thing.
Making friends is the only reason the game has lasted. Without that the turn-over would be too great. There has to be an interesting game for everyone to play but it would not be enough on its own. Just look at all the games that have been popular, like candy-bubble-shit-crush. What a dumb game... at least this one is football; one of the funnest games there is. Throw in some banter and comaraderie and most anything can make it. Thankfully they have spellcheck on here, lol.
16/07/17 09:13
Well said everyone. Plus without this game how would we have found out about Jammin's "passion" for cats? And Football's (aka Coalition of Conquerors) ability to steal plays from people and ruin an evening at home with his wife? I think it is nice here when we aren't on witch hunts for "cheaters".
16/07/17 13:05
HAHA!! You guys are great! Have to admit, i have a new phrase in my vocabulary, st that literally made me LOL.
"candy bubble shit crush"

Haha!! Still laughing.
16/07/17 14:59
LMAO Guest!!! You must watch the live chat. Sometimes that chat can be very entertaining. And Hahahahaa candy bubble shit crush lol!
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I love cats
06/05/18 23:17
Real men do Tronfrom Philly lol
04/12/18 12:31
No question in my mind that the biggest draw to this game is the people you play it with,,

when I broke this addiction and took of for a few seasons.. it was The people I played with that got me too return.. (not sure if i should thank them or kick them for it) lol

But like you... I have many of the people I run with (in the game) on my fb page... I talk to many current and formal players.. too me the bets part of the game is the folks you meet..