upgrading strategy building ???

28/04/17 16:55
is their actually any real advantage to upgrading your strategy building....if so what level does it need to get to. I don't see any change that makes it a benefit against upgrading other buildings
28/04/17 17:59
I would say it depends on your league level. A 10% gain when your stats max at 50 is only 5 points. But as you gain levels, and add another Strat building, the add will be double-digits and really nice. You can definitely see it when competing against players with 3 strats. But it is a slow gain, only adding .5% each upgrade, so hard to see a difference at first. If you were to ignore the building, but your opponents kept upgrading, you would find it harder to win.
29/04/17 09:37
It depends on your rank, but Kenneth, feel free to ignore your strat building if you're in single digits. I only upgraded it when it was far cheaper than my other "big" buildings until around rank 11.
29/04/17 21:23
In the higher levels it makes a huge difference, especially when you have three of those buggers maxed out