new guild

22/04/17 15:34
I started a new guild but it doesn't show up when I type in the new of the guild in the search option.Is there a waiting period for it to be listed?
22/04/17 16:48
I dont know about a wait period. I just tried searching for our own guild and it did show up. Whats your guild name and I can try to look it up.
22/04/17 20:20
gridiron ghosts...if you know antbody that wants to join a new guils send them my way.thanks
22/04/17 21:45
Your guild showed up when I searched for it. I like the name! And I like your rules. Sounds like you guys will be a class act. If I ever know of anyone who needs a guild, and we don't have any room, I will send them your way.