Average player searching for average guild

18/03/17 02:27
Oh yes...they sure do like inviting. Sooner or later they'll give up. And, just in case you're wondering, the guy you get to replace is GoTitans. It's not that he's bad (his team rating is 86.52 and he bought almost his entire team)...he just doesn't do anything. I suppose we would be fine just leaving it as is, but Ninja really wants you! I played you in a friendly so I could find you, and you ALMOST beat me. That would be been tragic for my self esteem...lol. I think I'm semi-afraid of you.

You'll enjoy playing with an entire group of active players that are all unique and all have different approaches, defenses, offenses, etc. And everyone is super nice. We all root for each other and genuinely aim to help each other with whatever we got! 12 hours and 27 minutes to go (not that I'm counting).
18/03/17 02:34
No, they're targeting you because they want to stay on top lol
18/03/17 05:28
You flatter me. They haven't really turned on the salesmanship at all though, so I'm fairly sure I'll go with you guys!
They did play me though...

GoBucs beat me 56-0 and PITT PANTHERS got me 72-0.
I've never actually seen a team score 72 so I'm quite embarrassed to be on the receiving end of that. Didn't feel good.
I'll see you guys tomorrow.

Just to clarify though, I do still need an invite. The one Ryan sent me a while back is way off my inbox by now.