Other Sweet Nitro sports games

16/09/17 15:49
I was wondering if anyone else has played the other 'Football Champions' (Soccer) and 'Touchdown Manager' (American Football)?

Currently I am playing both and find that Rugby Manager is by far the best of the three!

The other two games are ruined by a flawed game engine (i.e. incorrect player positions in TM, lack of an offside in FC), and even at the lowest levels, insane bidding on the auction house making it virtually impossible to pick up new players.
16/09/17 17:28
I used to be a moderator on Touchdown manager but due to time constraints and my addiction to Rugby Manager I couldn't manage both.

I quite liked the customisable plays on TDM and gameplay in general other than the kickoff issues there were at the time.

I tinkered a bit with Football Manager as well but quickly got frustrated with the offsides and 5 players standing in goal so got out of there.

Rugby Manager with all its flaws is definately the best of the three for me and as far as sports sims on a handheld device goes one of the best balanced I have ever played and the most addictive.
16/09/17 23:33
Made it to #1 in the American Football game (for 7 mins), it is fun, but I am struggling to find a guild with the right balance of wanting to win and having fun.

The Football game is OK too, luckily I am in a brilliant guild because the Iranian dominance and as mentioned, bizarre, unfootball like formations can put you off.