Kicking success and winning matches

09/09/15 03:43
Can anyone tell me what the main stat is for being successful in converting goals? And does my strategy stats impact on the success of these goals? I have bought a higher level 10 facing the same issue as below, and when the game gave me the option for limited time to purchase 3 key positions and i spent some dollars and purchased them (star level 29 no.8, lvl 29 no. 9, lvl 30 no.10). Now my stats on the no 10 is 38 for the kick precision and kick force, yet my kicker keeps missing goals. He has 100% energy! Please help with advise or if this is an issue/bug.

Another issue is why can i not win against players average team star level being 4 less than me with my lower ranking players having energy of 80% and half team has 100%...this happens in friendly as well as championships. I also have a problem that when i do win a friendly (very rare ) against the same opponent i am about to face in championship i loose against them in the championship! How can i beat them 19 - 0 then without loosing any energy i play in championship and loose against them! Very frustrating!
09/09/15 11:03
Try match a bonus
09/09/15 11:05
You can also adjust abilities in training ground but be careful you don't over do it.
12/09/15 04:41
I'm finding the same issue with conversions. I'm wondering if they don't get really good until the higher levels