and they say theres nothing suspect going on well explain this to me

10/11/18 01:53
Whilst I recognise it;s possible to have 25 members of the same guild occupying the top potentially 25 places in the game it is extremely unlikely this could actually happen I've just counted and theres 18 of the same guild consisting of the likes of YUKABED Galatasry and Dundee occupying places in the top 100 of the game .

To back up what i'm saying I find it very difficult to believe that is legit that out of the top 13 teams I counted 11 was from the guild YUKABED was involved in now I've questioned the legitemacy of this man before and I'm gunna bring his name to table again cos theres is something he;s doing and passing onto his guild mates thats not right. He fixed the rankings before with his stupid 100% of the ball strat and now i can't figure it out but i'm sorry it just whiffs a bit is all i'm saying it might be legit but 18 of the same guild really have that level of knowledge i doubt it highly.
10/11/18 11:27
Certainly strange to say the least
11/11/18 10:21
Dundee’s ok i’d say he’s more our guy not the Iranians lol