13/03/16 03:49
Admins, can you tell me who kicked out all the players from my guild. My guild only has 10 members left.
13/03/16 18:30
CR perhaps create a ticket..
14/03/16 03:09
Vishal, can you ask the admins to tell us who did all this. My guild dropped from 10th to 140th position. Though I have a hunch that a team called Endless United did this.
14/03/16 10:04
I will do so CR - however it might take awhile to get a response..
14/03/16 10:07
What is the name of your guild?
14/03/16 11:24
CR - the admins says its not a bug or cheating (not sure how you will use this information....)

Sorry mate, think you will just have to try and recruit again..
15/03/16 00:27
Idea for the game - instead of just saying 'player x left the killed' it should say 'player x was kicked by player y' but i guess the admin response will be guild leaders should be careful who they promote
15/03/16 10:59
I like that idea Shaz. Sometimes you don't know if a player was kicked or left on their own. I will suggest this in the next "idea pack". However I think it will be low on the developers plans..