New server idea

11/11/20 21:20
Guest 9289Z3 :

Thank you SN for new players, keep up the good work and please dont bow down to the requests of damage players each and every time, they are just 1 guild and if they dont like it then they can piss off.

As I say well done nitro, I am enjoying game much more now.

Totally agree, SN should absolutely not just implement the suggestions of of Damage alone. Other guilds need to offer good ideas too. All we ask for is some consistent and decent development and to improve the game. Since I've been playing - approximately 3 years - all we have had are building upgrades and a few changes here and there to the guild challenge system, the abolition of Mb and then a number of gameplay changes that have, by and large, been monumental balls ups.

I play another mobile game too and I can honestly say that they do more development in a single season than SN does in 3 years. Not a word of exaggeration.

La Herradura Merlo :

the fact that the players who catch the ball are in front of the kicker is offside, a basic rule of rugby, even more so if they validate the try made by a player in the middle of the field. if you are not going to fix these bugs rename the game. this is not rugby

Case in point of one of the complete balls-ups that occur every time there are any changes done.

There is literally zero care put into the game - changes are made on the fly and thrown out there often during championship games in the morning. These then have to be fixed with a series of further updates.

Total shambles. And we are offering high praise for marginally better players in the auction house - something that is at least 2 years overdue