14/02/19 04:34
The other best was CNY
14/02/19 04:54
I know Barney and hope the same thing. What was your previous team name Thou? Just curious =)
14/02/19 04:57
Never had another. That’s the truth.
14/02/19 05:00
CNY had a team in The Bar....Killebrew
14/02/19 05:12
Yes, so I was fortunate to have two great players as teachers. They both took me under their wings so to say. Use to call me Frankenthou as I was kinda a combination of both of them. Anyways that’s my story.
14/02/19 05:13
Alright jammin got to say i really appreciated the head to head match earlier. thought i had you on the last play but your defense still had just enough gas. seriously though, great match and it was a lot of fun.

14/02/19 05:15
Thou...i know you really want to play on the same team as GW, so why dont you, tk, ozone and canadian bacon come on over and join us? we currently got room for you all.
14/02/19 05:52
Maybe we should have a discussion about The Haunted Bar
14/02/19 12:46
Barney is losing the Love for the Game?
Do me and you need to start up again to fire you up? Lmao....joking Barney. Figured you would be buried with this game one day?

No matter what our Past was, you did help me more than any other player in TDM, for that, and I've said it Many Times to you and others, you have and always did have my Respect. Thank you always for that. But.....

Losing the Love??? C'mon love this game! I left for awhile for personal reasons but even I can't stay

So....from your once Apprentice to my once Teacher if you want to talk about finding that Passion again... Send a Team to SlaughterHouse Z and we can talk. The SlaughterHouse is the same as your old little Gridiron Ghost Guild.

Anyway, it's there if you want to talk. Sorry your losing the Love but Z is

Z-Nation Militia aka Z
15/02/19 00:49
Great game Shake! I got lucky =)