Guild Alert

16/08/18 01:30
so how bout those other games greg how are they doing....what kind of money are they making
16/08/18 02:31
Sorry dude, but I haven't got a clue what your going on about, but it's a free world so please feel free to vent your feelings, hopefully you will get your anger issues under control one day.

Greybeard Griffins
16/08/18 05:38
HAHA! Yes!! There is the Don we all know and hate!
18/08/18 01:03
I work really fucking hard just about everyday installing floors and I'm a functional member of society. Dilly dilly
18/08/18 03:59
Harrison Hampton :

and guys no one cares ok why must you make complete fools of your selves like that all you have to do is follow you in other sweet nitro games people are not as dumb as you would like to think so jason,,, who cares everyone knows exactly who and what you guys are ,,,you do not work you.... lay on video games all day long and brag about what high quality people you are,,,,if you win 100 to nothing it dont matter at the end of the day you guys are the ones being named,,,and shamed for just being crap stirring burdons on society again cheers mate

What kind of work do you do?
18/08/18 17:33
My guess is that he makes a living as a fluffer.
18/08/18 18:27
HAHAHA!!! Great one Zeke!
19/08/18 03:25
20/08/18 23:38
they can join my guild Home look it up bucs1,fisher any you s.o.b. need a spot come on over LMAO
29/08/18 23:14