team name changes?

04/06/17 19:30
There's a team in Persian Empire that has change his name to "THANK YOU ISIS" this is so wrong in any society he should be chuck out of the game immediately no excuses.I hope sweet nitro sorts this sooner rather than later
04/06/17 20:41
sweet nitro, do the right thing n report this person to the authorities. ban him from this game, please.

04/06/17 21:55
All I will say is this C**T is a disgrace to the good Muslims I know. I will be willing to give reward money if anyone knows where he is from; who he is; etc. If you have any information, leave a message for me and I will get in touch with you.

I will be very "nice" to him and his family when I find him.
08/06/17 09:57
There was a time when I would have said everybody is entitled to their opinion but people like this should be put down