Nova Raider (FR1)



How does dodge work?

Dodge allows you to dodge enemy projectiles. If you have 70% dodge, you should dodge 7 projectiles out of 10.

Support class ships have higher dodge values than other ships.

Warning: certain weapons can counter the dodge ability, missiles, for example, always hit their target.

How does precision work?

Your precision defines the number of shots will hit the target when you are firing. If you have 70% precision, 7 out of 10 shots should hit, 3 should miss.

Warning: precision does not allow you to counter blinding effects that are applied by the blinding ray and certain NPCs. Blinding effects reduce your precision greatly and cause most shots to miss their target.

How does critical chance work?

Critical chance is the chance of dealing a critical strike. Critical strikes inflict twice the damage of a normal shot.

How does CPU work?

CPU improves support drone damage output as well as the efficiency of support spells: healing, shields, damage buffs etc.

Read the support gear descriptions to see the effect of CPU.

What is my e-mail address used for?

Your email address will only be used to support communication and account security.

Occasionally (once per term) users get information about the game or updates, but you can stop the newsletter mailing.

Sublinet staff will never ask for you password.

Wie lange muss ich warten, bis ich mein Guthaben erhalte?

Credits sollte sofort nach Ihrer Transaktion geliefert werden. In seltenen Fällen müssen Sie vielleicht für ein paar Minuten, bevor er Ihren Credits warten, aber wenn Sie immer noch nicht 1h nach der Transaktion geliefert kontaktieren Sie bitte unser Support-Team.

Hinweis: Dies gilt nicht für geförderte Angebote (Sponsorpay, zum Beispiel) gelten.