Money from GvG Match!

30/07/19 13:46
Hi to all,
Today in the morning i have played one GvG Match, at the moment of the match i had 339kk. After a while (20 minutos aprox.) i get in online again to see how it was and to take the money from my stadium and i saw that i won the game, but my money is not at the stadium and i still have 339kk so i never received my money.
Date: In the middle of my game and that i get online again to take de money someone challenge me and play againts me, i dont know if this could make a BUG and make the money dissapear, whitout take it. I suspect its not the first time this happens, but at least is the first time i checked it and that im sure about the money.

Someone else had saw something like this?

Thanks in advance for ur help. And sorry for my english.


31/07/19 18:45
log out and in, it will apear in a short while, server overload