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Browser & Flash


How to update Flash Player

If you use Google Chrome:
Update Chrome by reading the article "How do I update my browser?" and Flash will automatically updated.

If you use another browser, please follow this link:
You will be shown a message indicating that your version is up to date, or instructions to install the latest version.

Which is the best browser to use?

Currently, Google Chrome is considered the most fastest and most user-friendly.
Install it by following this link:

Firefox is also a very good browser, which you can download here:

How do I update my browser?

On Chrome:
1. Click on the three horizontal bars in the top right of the browser.
2. Click on "About Google Chrome".
3. Chrome will then automatically update if it is out of date.
4. If it is up to date, and you still have problems playing, check that the version displayed is the last entry (on Wikipedia, e.g.
5. If you do not have the latest version but the message "Google Chrome is up to date" is displayed, go here to download the latest version and install it:

In Firefox:
1. Press ALT to display the menu at the top of the screen.
2. Click on "Help"
3. Click on "About Firefox"
4. A button to check for updates will be displayed. If no updates occur, then your browser is up to date.

Internet Explorer:
Internet Explorer does not automatically update and is not recommended.
Install Google Chrome for free here:
Or Firefox for free here:

How do I clear the browser cache?

Press CTRL + SHIFT + DELETE (must press all three together) to open the cleaning options.

According browsers options may vary, but it is preferable to use the following settings when available:
- From: always
- Clear cookies: yes
- Delete data plugins: yes
- Clear passwords: no

The cleaning can take a few seconds.