Nova Raider (FR1)

Galaxies & Universe


Les différents niveaux requis pour les galaxie ?

Galaxie 1: Niveau 1
Galaxie 2: Niveau 6
Galaxie 3: Niveau 10
Galaxie 4: Niveau 16
Galaxie 5: Niveau 24
Galaxie 6: Niveau 35
Galaxie 7: Niveau 44
Galaxie 8: Niveau 50
Galaxie 9: Niveau 60

How do I know which portal to take to reach the next galaxy?

Open the world map (zoom icon bottom right) then look at the spiral that links all galaxies. Take the portal in the corner where the spiral leaves your current galaxy.

Is there a world map?

Yes, click on the zoom icon bottom right next to the minimap.