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How does one access the higher leagues?

Moving up or down in the league system depends on your arena points at the end of a season (2 weeks).

At the end of each season, all players are ranking depending on their arena points and their new league depends on their ranking.

Try to always be first of your league and get as many points as you can to move up as fast as possible.

How are earned/lost points calculated after a fight in the arena?

The points earned or lost depend on the difference in points between the two opponents.

If a player with a lot of arena points beats a player with few points, he will earn little if not no points at all (if the difference is greater than 100 points).

If a player with few arena points beats a player with many points, we will earn a lot of points.

Therefore, points earned or lost do not depend on leagues or levels! A player in a lower league or with a lower level could have a lot more arena points than you. Furthermore, if a player with a lot less points defeats you, you will lose many points.

Try to always challenge players with higher arena points than yourself to be in a low risk, high reward situation.