Any guild want to try for a match up with Webb Ellis?

Sorry just seen this. Our current gvg ends 22:15 UK time.
Sorry guys, was offline and only just pressed search at 9.
25-25 against juggernauts by the way.
I take it you trounced oval as we did?
We're still waiting for an opponent. Can't see it being an hour wait though.
Good result that against Juggernauts. We only just beat them. Yeah we beat Oval comfortably. Searching at the same time as Arena now also.
Got some French guild. Bah.. Four will have to miss aswell.
Will sync better next time
Sounds like a custom guild match button is needed. Let's all raise tickets.
We finish at 9:30 today, what time are you guys finished, we will wait for you.
Nice idea fallen,maybe suggest it could be paid for with balls but ran like a normal gc. If sweet nitro see balls coming there way they'll be more likely to go for it
Deadlocked my thoughts exactly just like the custom tournament button.
We've searched mooners, 10:35. Excuse the invites was trying to get someones attention, had changed guild name to when is gc done.