Nova Raider (FR1)


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How many PvP points do I need to get the next rank?

0 : No rank
300 : Trainee
500 : Fighter
800 : Private
1000 : Corporal
1100 : Sergeant
1200 : Lieutenant
1300 : Captain
1400 : Major
1500 : Colonel
1600 : General
1700 : Marshal
1800 : Emperor

How are earned/lost points calculated after a PvP fight?

The points earned or lost depend on the difference in PvP points between the two opponents.

If a player with a lot of PvP points beats a player with few points, he will earn little if not no points at all.

If a player with few PvP points beats a player with many points, he will earn a lot of points.

Therefore, points earned or lost do not depend on player levels! A player with a lower level could have a lot more PvP points than you. Furthermore, if a player with a lot less points defeats you, you will lose many points.

Try to always challenge players with higher PvP points than yourself to be in a low risk, high reward situation.

How does the PvP kit work?

It gives you a level 0 PvP shield everytime you respawn, preventing all players from attacking you as long as your shield is not altered.

If you attack another player, a drone or a planet or if you heal another player in combat, the PvP protection will be disabled and your shield will be set at the victim's level.

Shield will be reset after death.