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Can I get free vitamins?

Yes, there are several ways of getting free vitamins:

- Sponsor friends: Go to the sponsoring page in the Bank section to get your sponsoring link. Anyone you registers with your sponsoring link will earn you vitamins when their team reaches the defined goals (see the sponsoring page for details).
- Sponsorpay: It's a offer based system thats rewards you with free vitamins. Go to the Bank to start using it.
- In-game competitions: You are rewarded with free vitamins if you win the cup or certain leagues.

I sponsored a friend but i haven't received my free vitamins

First, the sponsoring only applies if your friend registered using your sponsoring link. If so, his pseudo will appear on the sponsoring page.

Next, you only receive the vitamins if your friend's team reaches the defined goals and is an active players. If he reaches the goal but has stopped playing you won't get the reward.

I watched a video but I did not get the reward

We do not have any control over the rewards for watching videos, indeed, video providers decide if you followed the procedure correctly and if you should get the reward.

Therefore, we recommend that you watch the video completely and read all instructions during the procedure.