Deutsche Moderatoren

27/02/15 23:06
Hallo Team,

bitte räumt uns Usern eine faire Möglichkeit ein, euch Feedback über das Verhalten von Moderatoren zu geben.

Im Chat ist die Konsequenz ausnahmslos ein Mute, da Diskussion bzw. Kritik wohl nicht erwünscht ist. Ebenso habe ich keine Antwort auf ein Support-Ticket erhalten.

Die Moderation des Deutsch-Chats ist nämlich leider unterirdisch.. die Taktik ist falsch, die Mods großteils kompromisslos, inkompetent und überfordert. Bitte führt Schulungen ein und überprüft mal euer Team.

Zum Wohle eurer User und Geldgeber. Danke.
28/02/15 08:52
Hi there,

Seeing you got the same problem with DE moderators. We got similar with INT. Support or mods supervisor doesnt even listen to our complains.
Yesterday my guild mate has been wrongly mute for 5 minuts so he started to complain on public chat and they gave him another 24h mute (muted person wrote a ticket they admited 1st mute was a mistake and shouldnt have place but because of complaining for it he get another one which they "graciously" reduced to 6h).
For me first 5 minuts mute was pure provokating which shouldnt have place at all from side of mod team.
Of course their supervisor apparently see nothing wrong in it.

That game could be much more funny and interesting but big disadvantage is mod team here.
28/02/15 09:04
You also say send a ticket to support, well the mod team is support and intercepting these complaints. There are rules of conduct for the moderators and it seems they can't play the game and be fair in chat. It has become a muting festival for them and saying to be nice.. changing into their mod ship to their player ship. Using their paid by Sublinet ships to help guild mates.. which are over powering because of the stars they receive.

Be a moderator or a player and go by the rules and not what they feel like doing at this time. The chat moderator should allow the players to have fun and stop muting every little word. Mute first and warn later is what often happens. Everyone knows the mods have main accounts and this is not fair for them to act like bullies and not get punished. I can not say how disappointing the chat has become. Being muted for hours, days, and the punishment not fitting the offense is cyber bullying by the team. You can not play this game effectively without chat. They laugh about it and think it is funny they have this power to do whatever they want.

What makes a good moderator?
1. Fairness and justice should be performed when moderators use their rights to help the players in maintaining a harmonious game environment.
2. Moderators are not allowed to do anything that will violate the game rules or break the balance of the game.
3. Moderators are strictly prohibited to use coarse language or use cheating.
4. Moderators are strictly prohibited to use their special power to steal or defraud players.

Thank you for this topic as we can't talk about it in chat, our tickets go ignored, and the chat is now Alien Payback begging and help with bosses.
28/02/15 17:32
Hello, guys.

We can circle the problem on and on - the most intense problem is, that a player doesn't accept, that he did something wrong.

OK, the longer the conflict lasts, the harder it is to cool down. But I remind you: The moderators only REACT and don't ACT!

So it depends a lot of your behaviour in the chat. Talk nice, accept warnings and then I believe - the chat will work well for all - the players and the team.
01/03/15 02:34
Sojo about what warning accepting u talking?
Mods came on chat muting people and then giving the warnings.
So how people should accept it? When they got warning after mute.
Warning should be before mute and if it still goes on then mute.
I got weird feelings u wasnt reading carefully our posts. You keep talking in general i gave u an example of my guild mate with 5 mins wrongly mute (it was like provokaction to give that person longer mute).
And after muting action then warnings and then mods says: "keep chat nice".
It doesnt make sense for me at all that's why i rather keep away from this trash can called public chats.
02/03/15 11:12
Well, Sojo..the problem is how they act.. it is totally wrong just to mute.. instead of talking to the players in a nicer way. "Discussion is over" is no solution - especially when moderators themselves are wrong.

I wonder whether they are taught in any way? Obviously not.. they do not know how to really moderate a chat.. they only ban. Please join other game chats, sojo, it is nowhere worse than in Nova Raider.
02/03/15 11:41
Hallo Sojo,

wurde gerade wegen "es ist doch gar nichts passiert, bleib doch ruhig" gebannt. Wo ist in diesem Falle bitte die Relation????

Ich packs nicht, die Mods sind tatsächlich nicht geeignet.

11:40System•PřătêřştêřņVienna• wurde auf stumm geschaltet für 05min .
11:40System★B-U-L-L-I-T★ᴱᴺᴱᴿᴳყ wurde auf stumm geschaltet für 05min .
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Damit ist das Problem nun beseitig? einfach den halben Chat auf stumm stellen?